Selected Press for THE BIRDER

“This is a smart comedy!”
– Eli Glasner CBC ARTS

“The Birder is a sweet, hilarious film, which is so successful due to the performances of Cavanagh and Rendall.”
– William Brownridge TORONTO FILM SCENE

“The Birder is a well made and incredibly likeable comedy from director Bezaire.”

“The Birder is a surprisingly sweet and sensitive comedy full of charm and heart…it is still refreshing to see such a well-meaning film created these days.”
– Talia Crockett THE ARTS GUILD

“This one is filled with chuckles, and is built solidly around Cavanagh’s performance.”
– Timothy D Rideout THE MIND REELS

“This is a funny movie, and its birding heart is in the right place.”
– Nicholas Lund SLATE MAGAZINE

“The Birder exudes plenty of charm.”

Selected Press for THINGS TO DO

“Reminiscent of cult classics like Office Space and Napoleon Dynamite yet retaining a deadpan sensibility all its own…writer-director Theodore Bezaire’s sharp eye for the odd comic throwaway generate enormous reserves of goodwill.”
– Justin Chang VARIETY

“Garden State meets My Name Is Earl, but its less pretentious than the former and as funny-but way more subtle-than the latter…check it for sure.”
– Julide Tanriverdi BPM MAGAZINE

“A comic ode to contemporary Peter Pans, Things To Do is a pleasant indie diversion about the vagrant joys of dropping out, wasting time and having fun in your 20s.”
– Michael Wilmington THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“Director/co-writer Theodore Bezaire maintains a uniquely casual yet centered approach, resulting in a simple and satisfying film”
– Marc Barrite GREENCINE

“Not only should you seek out this truly independent film, but you should be excited about whatever they’re going to do next.”
– Brian Tallerico SCREENTALK

“In a lot of ways, Things To Do is a more humorous version of Old Joy, and that’s a good thing…Very easy to fall in love with”
– Steve Prokopy GAPERSBLOCK

“Things To Do is the perfect modest alternative to the other infinitely more unremarkable attempts at addressing the hopes and fears of a restless generation.”
– Brian Orndorf DVD TALK